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Free Verse and Random Thoughts.

It’s amazing how much pain a person can take. How many tears a person can cry. I wonder if I have any more liquid inside of my body.  It is amazing how much blood can come out of the smallest of cuts. But blood is just blood. Tears are just tears. They come out of us because everything has gone inside of us. We can no longer hold nor control their causes. So we cry and so we bleed. Always searching for the next time we can get high on something. You only recover when you have hit rock bottom because you were so low that the only way to go is up. Either up or die. And we both know that dying is not that easy. Sure, it would be so easy to take a time out and that’s for suicides. Even with suicide, is it really that easy?

When the wind is blowing at us from all directions, it is so cold you can barely breathe. So, you stand there, in the middle of the street, gasping for air and wishing that the storm will pass. You have nowhere to hide to pass the storm. Anywhere you want to go takes another storm to get there. So you stand there, gasping for air, in the middle of the street and you wonder if anyone else is feeling the storm. As much as the wind will blow, I will stand still and not be afraid. Because I am not alone, for there is the wind.


Bridget Zhang is a dancer. performer. choreographer. teacher. writer. photographer. lover. daughter. granddaughter. niece. family. friend.

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