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Event Name Event Days Performances
Interfusion Festival 02/10/17-02/13/17 Contemporary solo
Baltimore S&B 04/13/17-04/16/17 Salsa Solo
Poconos Dance Ext. 04/21/17-04/24/17 Salsa Solo
Pro-am Bachata
New York SB 05/25/17-05/29/17 n/a
Connecticut Salsa Congress and Competition 5/25/17 Salsa solo
Pro-am Bachata
D.C. Captial Congress 06/08/17-06/12/17 Salsa solo
D.C. Zouk festival 06/14/17-06/19/17 n/a
D.C. Sawa Sawa 06/29/17-07/03/17 n/a
NJ zouk & play festival 07/06/17-07/09/17 n/a
zouk teacher training 07/06/17 – 07/09/17 n/a
NJ Kizomba Zouk 07/13/17 – 07/16/17
NYC bachata bash 07/21/17 – 07/23/17 salsa solo
Boston Salsa Festival 08/18/17-08/20/17 salsa solo
D.C Bachata DCBX 08/25/17-08/27/17 Salsa solo
Interfusion Festival 09/01/17-09/04/17
NJ Bachata Festival 09/28/17-10/01/17 Salsa solo
NYC Zouk festival 10/05/17-10/09/17 zouk
DCSB Fest 10/19/17 – 10/23/17 salsa solo
Philadelphia Salsafest 10/26/17-0ct/30/17 Salsa solo
pro-am bachata
Boston Brazilian Fusion 11/09/17-11/12/17 zouk
World Latin Dance Cup 12/11/17-12/16/17
World Salsa Summit 01/18/18 – 01/22/18 salsa solo
pro-am bachata


Bridget Zhang is a dancer. performer. choreographer. teacher. writer. photographer. lover. daughter. granddaughter. niece. family. friend.

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