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AIDA Dance Shoes


AIDA Dance Shoes is one of a kind, custom-made Latin dance shoes for females and males. AIDA Dance Shoes are considered to be the best dancing shoes on the market for ballroom and Latin dancers. Their shoes are designed by the dancers, for the dancers.

AIDA dance shoes has been on the market for 26 years. It’s market value is increasing in the dancesport industries of United States, England, Italy, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Holland. They have provided the dance community with the best shoes possible! AIDA is also constantly creating new designs and manufactures.

AIDA provides not only their very own hand-made shoes in Latin and ballroom men, women and children. They also create practice shoes for men, woman and children. Their website consists of an already made selection of shoe styles. On top of that, you can custom make your own unique colors, shoe size, heel size and even design. AIDA also provides amazing stoning services at an extra charge.

When buying AIDA shoes, a dancer has to consider what he or she desires in term of style. The dancer can then pick a design from their website, dancers can even add their own colors and stones on top of it! It is encouraged for dancers to have their feet measured by one of the AIDA representatives. Illa Kolosov is the AIDA dance USA Representative and CEO. You can find him at certain dance events or go to his location at Cliffside Park, NJ near New York City.

Once a dancer has tried on AIDA shoes, he or she will not be able to wear any other style of shoes. AIDA shoes provide the most comfort with their leather materials and a large selection of design. Instead of having individual shoe sizes such as 6, 7, 8 etc. the shoe is measured according to the dancer’s own feet and need. Let say if a customer wants a certain design that is posted as tan on the website he or she can change the style. The customer can ask for the same design in red, black, zebra, blue and other colors, or even red sole choices. The customer Some dancers need a higher arch while others need wider straps. It even comes in different heel sizes. As mentioned before, one can even acquire about other colors and designs.

AIDA’s red sole shoes have also hit the market with positive feedbacks!! AIDA shoes are for the dancers, by the dancers.








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