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Paper Airplanes By: Bridget Zhang

I try to hold my heart together one last time.
I pray that he is holding it too.
But could he?
Could he hold me and love all my imperfections?
Would I ever be perfect?
When all I have ever done was adoring him from a distance.
When all I have ever done was giving him chance after chance.
How much more can he toy with me?
As if my heart and his lips are just paper airplanes.
Never able to make a safe landing.
But how could I let him go?
One more time.
When I just always think the paper airplanes are enough.
It never is.

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Imposter Syndrome versus Bipolar Disorder By: Bridget Zhang

When someone is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, don’t be too quick to look up definitions of bipolar disorder. Look deeper into the issue. It could be hereditary, but the symptoms could be minimized with a good up bringing. Instead of judging the person diagnosed, or the presumptions of bipolar disorder itself; consider in the fact that it is never the person’s fault. It is the way they are raised, their backgrounds and surround situations creating the false connections in their brains. No one ever asks for bipolar disorder. Trust me, it is one of the most difficult disabilities that someone would have to over come.

“Imposter syndrome is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.”

Imposter syndrome is not considered as a mental illness. It provokes a series of self-confidence problems. Thus, it is more often noticed among high-achievers, especially in academia and athletes. More times than others, the cause of imposter syndrome is from a lack of obvious role models. It might also affect members of minorities more frequently. Imposter syndrome is not a part of depression but rather can be the cause of depression and anxiety.

“I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t belong here.”

“Everyone is talking about me.”

“I am fallen apart, broken and everyone will see that I’ve been faking it all along”.

These thoughts are unfortunately similar to those diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar disorder includes a series of depressive episodes involving long periods of feeling hopeless, bouts of crying, and thoughts of suicide. Of course, bipolar disorder falls into the category of mental disorders. There is no single cause of bipolar disorder. For some people, it is hereditary. And for others, bipolar disorder is developed from triggers of emotional change from stressful events, difficult living or working environments, or challenging family situations. Thus, leads back to the problem of have a lack of good role models.

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“I was on a constant roller coaster of feelings and emotions.”

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The circle of imposter syndrome is like this. When someone experiences an extremely traumatizing event, they would feel depressed at first. The over-whelming feeling of depression encourages them to feel as if they are not good enough to overcome their current situations. Then, they would feel the need to have extensive periods of hyper-activity. Accordingly, falling into a circle of depression, try to pick themselves back up, to periods of hyper activity, to not feeling good enough again.

The problem of bipolar disorder comes from bases of low self-esteem, known as imposter syndrome.

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We have all hit that point of exhaustion,
the point where nothing makes sense anymore.
Your body hurts.
Your brain becomes foggy,
and you feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel.
When all you want is your bed.
How do you not just sit down and give up?
Sometimes it’s easy.
Sometimes you play games in your head.
You mkae up someone.
Someone good.
Whatever you need.
To keep you going.

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AIDA Dance Shoes


AIDA Dance Shoes is one of a kind, custom-made Latin dance shoes for females and males. AIDA Dance Shoes are considered to be the best dancing shoes on the market for ballroom and Latin dancers. Their shoes are designed by the dancers, for the dancers.

AIDA dance shoes has been on the market for 26 years. It’s market value is increasing in the dancesport industries of United States, England, Italy, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Holland. They have provided the dance community with the best shoes possible! AIDA is also constantly creating new designs and manufactures.

AIDA provides not only their very own hand-made shoes in Latin and ballroom men, women and children. They also create practice shoes for men, woman and children. Their website consists of an already made selection of shoe styles. On top of that, you can custom make your own unique colors, shoe size, heel size and even design. AIDA also provides amazing stoning services at an extra charge.

When buying AIDA shoes, a dancer has to consider what he or she desires in term of style. The dancer can then pick a design from their website, dancers can even add their own colors and stones on top of it! It is encouraged for dancers to have their feet measured by one of the AIDA representatives. Illa Kolosov is the AIDA dance USA Representative and CEO. You can find him at certain dance events or go to his location at Cliffside Park, NJ near New York City.

Once a dancer has tried on AIDA shoes, he or she will not be able to wear any other style of shoes. AIDA shoes provide the most comfort with their leather materials and a large selection of design. Instead of having individual shoe sizes such as 6, 7, 8 etc. the shoe is measured according to the dancer’s own feet and need. Let say if a customer wants a certain design that is posted as tan on the website he or she can change the style. The customer can ask for the same design in red, black, zebra, blue and other colors, or even red sole choices. The customer Some dancers need a higher arch while others need wider straps. It even comes in different heel sizes. As mentioned before, one can even acquire about other colors and designs.

AIDA’s red sole shoes have also hit the market with positive feedbacks!! AIDA shoes are for the dancers, by the dancers.







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See Me Dance

They say dance is the closest feeling to flying.
You leap. You turn. You lift.
You smile no matter how deep the pain.

Why do you dance?
Is it just for fun?
Or, is it, literally the only thing to keep you from killing yourself.
You can dance in the darkness.
You can be center stage.
What matters?

I search through the audiance for just one familiar face.
They are all strangers.
I am alone.
In the theatre of thousands.
They all paid to see me, ME!
The biggest theatre.
My dreams come true.
Yet no one is with me.
I don’t get flowers.
I don’t get hugs.
I don’t get my parents coming to every show.
No one is going to see me dance, but me.

The lights shine on me as though I am the only girl on stage.
as though there is no one watching.
Dance your heart out.
Be outside of you own body.
Don’t be afraid to shine.
Don’t be afraid to fall.
I jump. I leap. I turn.
All I see are the lights.
They are like little humming birds flying all around me.
My brain is detached from my body.
It is just me, and dance.
Who is watching?
Who is chearing?
I hear nothing.
I feel everything.

Take my hand.
And let us dance.
What do you want?
I don’t care.
Just take my hand.
Touch my body.

I know you’ve been looking at her all night.
But all I want is you,
So, take my hand.
Dance with me.
Touch my body.
I can be yours.
Just us.
Let us make the 4 minutes count speaking through nothing by touch alone.

Do you see me?
Do you see me dance?
Do you see how much I want you?
I want your attention.
For only four minutes.
On me.
It’s four minutes in heaven.
For me.

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Words to Live By

Move on.
Forget the past.
Those boys are not worth your life.
Chase your dreams, because it might all end in a second.
Give yourself all the love and attention.
Don’t let anything squeeze you out of your lane!
Forgive but don’t forget.
Revenge is always sweet.
And. there is always viberators!
Boys are assholes but girls can be evil.
Trust no one.
Especially in the dance world.
Better to be alone than have false friends.
Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.